To be defined is to be limited, to be put in a place or space that is predefined by a people who seldom see you as you truly are. This predefinition comes with assumptions that are rarely if at all ever true because all that people use to base this on, is bits of incomplete information that is by far less that the entire truth.


To be understood is to literally be misunderstood ... any authentic individual can and will never be understood by another ... because no two people are ever alike. Understanding is the preserve of those who care enough to see beyond what meets the eyes, to love beyond what is expressed and to be connected to the soul beyond the body, it is the preserve of the people that one can truly be intimate with.


To be accepted and deemed acceptable is merely failing to accept oneself as unique and gifted as one can be. Acceptance is outward looking … and it usually makes one lose sight of self thereby ending up ‘renting’ the sight of others to see oneself as they see you.


To walk in the common roads where everyone walks 'comfortably' is essentially a reflection of the discomfort of walking your own unique road, discovering your own course, and having your own lived adventure in this experience called life. Life should just be that … LIFE … nothing more and nothing less, its course should be marred with marks and limitation based on preconceived notions of what it SHOULD … but actually NEVER becomes … its ok to be uncommon.


To live a life that cares more about how society or the world looks at or treats you is simply neglecting the one responsibility you primarily have ... and that is to first and foremost care about how you see , love and embrace yourself with grace to share with the world your unique giftedness daily and on every other daily you get.


There is more to life than being defined in specific terms ... because as humans we are a topic that can ever fit any succinct definition. The moment you get to a place where even you can define yourself in such descriptive terms, growth is stunted, change is halted, and LIFE comes to a mere standstill.


There is so much more to feeling accepted than anything the world can ever offer ... because true acceptance is about perspective, character, attitude, priorities, principles, values, and faith... in self first and foremost before anyone or anything else. Nothing that you earn, no status that you acquire and no person that seemingly comes or stays in your life holds any key to your feeling accepted … because it’s a preserve of your character and nothing to do with the circumstances around you.


There is power in being undefined!

There is grace in not being acceptable!

There is power in walking uncommon roads with poise and pride!



There is true power in being YOU 🥺